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Jan 17, 2013 4:00pm PST
. this speaks to the outreach effort that the hpc has no ability to live up to. we talked to them about 16 entrances to the park, maintaining the park better to meet historic standards and they really have no way to enforce that. so finally i also have a question around tax benefits. this has come up a lot in our neighborhood meetings. nobody understands the millsabilitmills actand to our s taken advantage of it supervisor wiener has improved the law but that sounds like a gini pig situation to me. i emphasize there are people in the community feel this will greatly add to the cost of living there in terms of extra designer fees, contractor, expediter fees and that will make it hard for people with young families to stay in the neighborhood. thank you. >> president fong: additional speakers who have called? >> hello. my name is kenneth wingard on the castro benefit district and the market octavia plan community advisory committee. and have a degree in architectural preservation. today i am here as a four decade resident of the neighborhood. i've renovated a 1860's cottage that was designat
Jan 18, 2013 4:30am PST
discussion on the hpc. the department never proposed adding elements in the park for review. the park has changed quite a bit since it was constructed in 1900. there's a muni portal. there's a publicl basketball co. it's not a high integrity park and the department did not feel that additional review was required. and as we stated on the record at the 2011hpc hearing, the department proposed initially to include the park boundaries as a gesture and we use the word gesture towards noting the relationship between the park and the residential buildings. because there was so much physical fabric that was lost it didn't seem to make sense to identify elements in the park as character defining that would require review. >> commissioner hillis: and then the mills act is confusing to me. can i summarize how it works. because i understand if you're a new property owner it could benefit you, if you've owned your property for some time it doesn't necessarily. >> correct. the department has been clear about that. the mills act property tax reduction would provide the most benefit to property owners w
Jan 17, 2013 3:30pm PST
. architect who elaborately applied millwork. the designation process began june 2011 when hpc added the proposed district to the landmark designation work program. as part of this process the department engaged in robust community outreach funded by a federal preserve america grant. the department hosted eight community events focused on the proposed districts and on tailored levels of review for future alterations to build in the district. outreach events included a neighborhood history walking tour, two ask a planner nights and five community meetings and workshops. in addition the department provided updates at the duboce triangle neighborhood meetings and in the association's newsletters. details on specific outreach are included in your report. as a result of the community meetings and community feedback the department developed a highly tailored review process within the proposed district. the identified review as outlined in the designation ordinance in your packet is specific to this neighborhood. it identifies scopes of work that qualify for particular levels of review, ran
Jan 7, 2013 1:30pm PST
department. the hpc program looks not only for significance but also underrepresented property types. oral history interviews with several patrons with long associations with the twin peaks were conducted by planning staff. this forms the basis for the research and documentation of the history and importance of the resource. both on the september 19th twebt 12 and the october 17th recommendation hearings, the historic preservation commission voted unanimously for historic preservation, both the exterior and the interior of the bar based on its significance. the bar first opened in 1975. the bar was opened in 1972 by two lesbians as a fern bar. the twin peaks tavern, housed in an intact 20th century building, the bar retains its expansive windows and other character-defining windows and continues to serve the lgbt community. only two other (inaudible) have been designated based for their association with lgbt history. planning staff has met with both the owners of the building and the owners of the business and reviewed the process for permanent review and explained the benefits and resp
Jan 18, 2013 1:30am PST
for mill's act, let's say next month, will that get scheduled before may 1, before the hpc, or will you hold all applications until may 1 and then start the hearings process? >> commissioner, you are correct. the may 1 is the deadline -- or the annual deadline for the mill's act contract program. however if we do receive any applications in advance of that, we will start working on them right away, mainly to give the assessor enough lead time. the technically has 60 days to respond. they have the opportunity or discretion to hold on to them until may 1 but we work on them until they start to trickle in. >> if the assessor does the work would you then carry those on through to the board of supervisors? >> that is correct. >> thank you. >> commissioners, that will place you on item 7, discussion of state court decision. >> to him lack rits from the city attorney's office. as you know, just before the end of the year, there was a state court decision on the litigation, and tom is here to give you the update on that. >> good afternoon, president fong and commissioners. as many of you recall
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)